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Please add your reasons of your involvement in Trashwiki.


Dumpster diving is ecological, economical and in an ideal world it would not exist! I contribute to Trashwiki because of self-interest. As a traveler it's hard to know where the good spots are. Like Hitchwiki, this wiki will give me tons of valuable information. And my own contributions will be useful to many others. And maybe we can come up with initiatives that bring us closer to this ideal world without dumpster diving.


dumpster digging enables me to live without money and saves my time for exciting projects like Trashwiki. Living from trash is quite subversive and even political! Let's meet at the markets to tell te people of really really free markets and talk about our visions! --Kardan 20:34, 10 December 2008 (UTC)


As an active anti-consumerist I use every chance to learn and then educate others on consumerism issues - would it be through the environment-related blog that I run with my colleagues in Lithuania, or through my active participation in environmental organizations (Swedish Food and Environment Information), or promoting vegetarianism/veganism as more eco-friendly lifestyle. Reducing the amount of trash is a part of all this. One third of produced food in the world is being thrown away - so many people can be fed instead! So many good things are being thrown away while they still function. It is such a waste to create waste (when actually you can avoid it) and pollute the Earth. So I see this wiki as as guideline of reducing the amount of trash on planet Earth, and also as a useful tool to survive in our "city jungles" saving both your money and conscience. --Sigurdas 20:56, 10 December 2008 (UTC)


Trash is my middle name & I love to share knowledge on where to dig :D --Robino 23:04, 10 December 2008 (UTC)


a) I was one of the midwives

b) I am trash

c) I'm just a poser or

d) all of the above?


I started skip dipping out of necessity (part time work wasn't quite paying all the bills), but now I'm becoming more passionate every day about the need to reduce wastage. Sometimes I feel like it's my duty to rescue as much as I can. Anyway, I'm hooked - I can't walk past a bin without wanting to take a peek inside! --Ratte 21:44, 14 January 2009 (UTC)


I like freeganism because it's a way to use less resources, to be more eco-friendly, to consume less and use saved money for better things than buying things you can get for free. I don't think that freeganism can save the planet or solve the problems our society has, but I see it as a good way to reduce one's impact to environment and have fun :-)

During my stay in Japan I had many difficulties with dumpster diving and I couldn't find neither any info about it nor any dumpster diving communities to ask for help. So I try to help with trashwiki now and hope that it will be useful for other people. I also like the idea of sharing one's knowledge and experience :-)


I'll start contributing to this site. I meet people who skip/dumpster dive for a handful of different reasons, lack of money, aim to live a sustainable life, interest in permaculture or simply because it's fun! As a squatter and a traveller I find this website an amazing place to swap the knowledge of bins!


i love finding unloved stuff that i can use to build awesome things - surfboards, artworks, worm farms, composting toilets, garden structures, raised plant beds, funky furniture. i don't dumpster dive for food coz i grow my own. i love finding old hi-fi equipment coz i love predigital sound. i also love finding coffee-making equipment. i am one of the north beach bad boys. ----Luna1 08:12, 28 April 2009 (UTC)

Nuclear Phyllis

Ah the first time I dumpstered food, a huge quantity of bread, we were doing it just for fun. The amount and bounty of the bread blew my mind, and I wanted to learn this skill-not-taught-in-schools, how to find dumpsters, how to retrieve this stuff. I worked at it until I got the third sense and developed the ability to douse for new dumpsters on my own. Finally, I traveled the world a bit and practiced my skills overseas. For myself, and for travelers after me I found (via google) and started adding to trashwiki immediately. A couple weeks later and I was staying at Anu, Guaka, and Robino's house? Highly improbably coincidence! We didn't talk about the wiki much there, but I've been writing and adding to it with renewed vigor ever since (especially the Bay Area sections -- my heart's home). Additionally, I do like the logical argument that dumpsterdiving is about sharing, and trashwiki is meta-sharing. Enjoy!


To share the knowledge that I have, and in turn learn about the knowledge you all have to share. An besides, it's an adventure every time one goes dumpster diving... and you never know what you might find!-- 15:23, 17 August 2009 (UTC)


Because landfills are counterproductive things and they shouldn't ever be used. The more stuff I keep out of landfills, the more my life seems to become richer.


To share my knowledge and to learn from others. Because there is no need to consume new stuff as long as trash exists in abundance.


It`s like Christmas every day when you dumpster dive, how could I not explore dumpsters? It's like my part-time work..I can be self-employed and do it from anywhere! Best "job" ever & no money involved. It helps my freedom and it helps reduce waste, perfect.


Picking up perfectly useful (and tasteful) stuff is freegan awesome.


add info on your involvement in editing Trashwiki, thanx!