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I am the Ratte. Rats are cautious, bold creatures, and they love exploring and digging through bins.

I live in the city of Adelaide, South Australia, and have been diving for food for a few months now. Prior to this though, I have always had a desire to "recycle" or at least re-use stuff I've found on the side of the road. My years of urban exploring experience has allowed me to quickly adapt to finding good stuff wherever I go, whenever I need it. I like the fact I can get free food, but I also love being able to rescue good food and items from landfill, to reduce the vast endeavour of human waste (even if it's just a tiny bit).

My best finds so far

  • Russell Hobbs sandwich press
  • I always find lots of bread
  • a trellis which now shades a good portion of my balcony garden
  • 7 reams of pristine printer paper - months on, I still haven't run out :)
  • 55 cans of Coca-Cola (not that great really - I don't drink the shit, but I guess I can give it to guests...)
  • 6 bottles of Sauvignon Blanc (2008 vintage) - quite a nice drop!
  • a 15" LCD monitor - perfect for the LAN this weekend!
  • a heater which someone put out for hard rubbish - works fine

My motto:

The city provides