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After asking politely I got tons of free green beans at a food market in Amsterdam

People at Casa Robino told me to set up Trashwiki on my server. So I did. If there's a technical issue you probably want to contact me. I'm also an active contributor.

PAST: These days I'm working a lot for pay (on Drupal and CiviCRM websites), which leaves me less time to go out and dive (or travel and dive) but I like to welcome people and make sure that the wiki keeps on growing within some kind of structure (but not too much). Also, contact me if you found yourself in Brussels, I was able to host you.

Dumpster diving is ecological, economical and in an ideal world it would not exist! I contribute to Trashwiki because of self-interest. As a traveler it's hard to know where the good spots are. Like Hitchwiki, this wiki will give me tons of valuable information. And my own contributions will be useful to many others. And maybe we can come up with initiatives that bring us closer to this ideal world without dumpster diving.

See also why other people contribute to Trashwiki and project:Tech.

As of 2013 I'm also working on a more general project related to moneyless living,


Top finds


  • 9 kg of trail mix
  • 8 bottles of olive oil (with lemon and chili)



I've dumpster doven in Paris, New York City, Amsterdam, Brussels, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Melbourne, Montreal, Florence, Trento...

With Erga in Tel Aviv during Halloween, mostly wearing trash.
During a hitchhiking trip in Finland