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I was in the room where & when this wiki was imagined up and somehow also ended up taking the initial photos.

Why I Work on Trashwiki

a) I was one of the midwives

b) I am trash

c) I'm just a poser or

d) all of the above?


I tend to dumpster when the occasion presents itself, and mostly for other than nutritional needs

  • back yard in Kallio (Helsinki, Finland): 3-seater yellow couch, small tv-table type thing with wheels, bicycle
  • One night in Amsterdam, where luckily enough, it's been made easy to dumpster for your housing needs :)
    • Winter coat
    • 3 pillows
    • 2 small chairs
    • 2 coffee mugs (it actually does say "coffee" on them :P)
    • coffee table
    • chair
    • tv stand
    • dutch-style clothes drying rack you hang on a door
    • chalk board
  • various times companion to foodmarket diving and random stuff found on the streets for other people's houses