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Location: Residence in Lancaster city, Pennsylvania. Temporarily in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Traveled: I've traveled most of the East Coast, Maine down to the top of South Carolina and over to Tennessee and Ohio through various family trips. I've yet to go out of the country, I would love to travel through Europe and Thailand.

I've done most of my dumpster diving at Central Market. I've also gone to the local Salvation Army, Weis food store, and the dumpsters of the university that I attended. At the end of the past two spring semesters I've gone to Franklin & Marshall College to scavenge for lots of left behind things. I've obtained several mini-refrigerator, boxes upon boxes of mac'n'cheese/ramen/tea bags, bottles of gatorade, gin, and vodka, and more. From my university's dumpsters I've taken a number of pieces of cardboard to use as signs when the narrow-minded 'pro-life', chauvinist, and/or gay-bashing groups come to campus.

Best food finds:
Box of spinach/lettuce
2 boxes of sugar peas
Box of jalapeños
Bag of yams

Bag of jalapeños
Half dozen onions
Half dozen green peppers
small bundle of cilantro
Dozen or so of tomatoes
(Fresh freegan salsa!)

bunch of apples, which made a delicious homemade applesauce!

bottles of Honest Tea (my current favorite brand)

Best non-food finds:
Nintendo 64 set
Hamster Cage
Pull Along Suitcase (to carry all the reclaimed stuff!)
Lots of large yogurt containers to share soup and other food with folks at our Food not Bombs picnics
Royal Typewriter, circa 1960s?

My roommates and friends have found some great stuff too:
Two couches, a fullsize mattress and a dresser from the sidewalk! A box of clothing