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Trashwiki loves participation. Every dumpster diver or freegan can contribute. Don't know how?

  1. Add your knowledge to Trashwiki. Just click edit or create a new page. Ask administrators (on their discussion pages) if you don't know something, or discuss issues in discussion sections on pages (far upper menu, second link from the left).
  2. Create an account and describe yourself and your dumpster diving activitity - and edit articles while you're logged in.
  3. Upload pictures.
  4. Add maps.
  5. Improve language style (most active contributers are not native English speakers), spelling, fix typos...
  6. Spread the word - Trashwiki might have helped you dumpster dive more, other divers might not be aware of the project yet - or people might even have never dumpster dived before. Trashwiki can help them get them into diving.
  7. Link to - from your blog, from Facebook, from Twitter, from anywhere - just note that it's much better to only link to the main page, as the rest of the project is not indexed by google.
  8. smth more?
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