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Some time in 2008, during the week reached one thousand articles, the name Trashwiki came up out of the blue, the concept of which suddenly was clear... and then we did it. It's all about trash and how to turn it into something valuable (through dumpster diving, for example). Just like, it is total bottom-up. It has been started, and will be taken to yet unforeseen directions.

We don't want rules or leaders but active people having fun writing and creating pages. Share your information about trash!

See for tech issues.
If you don't mind corporate social networks, join the page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Otherwise we have an Identica account.

What is it about?

It is about trash, dumpster diving, freeganism, freeshops, etc. - it is a small encyclopedia on how to live for free or at least how to live of the trash. You can browse by categories, or just use search function to find what you need, including info on your location.

Relationship to law

One might notice that some info (most notably, Unlocking dumpsters) clearly involve tips for those who want to get to the trash by violating the law. Trashwiki, however, does not bear any responsibility for possible law violations, as well as it does not encourage to do so. Trashwiki is a mere virtual space of knowledge sharing where people around the world share their experiences of how to get the access to an unaccessible but still useful waste. We believe in environmental usefulness of sharing such knowledge - in times when Earth resources are at scarce, people should have a right to know how to gain access, for example, to food which is wasted despite its edibleness.

How we want to keep Trashwiki

  • Do-ocratic, adhocratic
  • Ad-free
  • Averse to rules
  • Open for anyone to edit it (but spam-free).


Hitchwiki and Trashwiki

We started Hitchwiki in 2006 and we've managed to keep the community feel - in fact, it's simply just becoming nicer! There's a common sense of direction and that people meet each other in real life. And even though dumpster divers don't necessarily travel and meet up other dumpster divers as much, the act of dumpster diving has a great appeal to hitchhikers, and many are inspired to go out and do it (after they have been taken out on their first dive or even just because of mutual wiki-links betweem Hitchwiki and Trashwiki).