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It could be nice to set up a forum for trashwiki, or a forum for dumpster divers (and wannabe divers) about dumpster diving.

Trashwiki gets around 60 visits a day. Maybe that's enough to generate a sustainable forum for trash-talk.


Single sign on

Is it simple to set up single-sign-on between mediawiki and whatever forum software?



MediaWiki + LiquidThreads


  • guaka will probably set this up on Wikimini in the near future (and/or upgrade it to latest dev version)

Drupal forum


  • Slightly overkill for a forum? Plus it required quite a bit of parameterizing:
    • Advanced forum
    • Node comment
    • Views


  • Lots of experience in our circle of friends
  • The forum can easily be extended into something bigger (trash hospex? :)

Actually it is the Drupal6 forum that sucks so much that it is necessary to do much plumbing to have something acceptable. The Drupal7 forum is supposed to already intergrate all the nice stuff.

If we go that way, we won't be needing the modularity of D6. For now at least. So maybe it's a good occasion to try out a D7 alpha.

Simple Machines Forum (SMF)

Forum to consider - SMF. Working example CMS Made Simple forum



  • Never used that, but...


  • I heard it's great for what it does.

Existing forums?


Outline idea of some adequate categories

Getting started

  • Find people to go with
  • Dumpster diving spots
  • Advice


  • Post your finds
  • Share your finds
  • Politics
  • Memories

Light side

  • Recipes
  • Word games
  • Music