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Zagreb is the capital and the biggest city of Croatia.

Green markets

getting free veggies

Green markets in Zagreb work almost every day (if not every). They close around 3.30-4 p.m. Try asking people for stuff they plan to throw away, usually they are happy to give. Also, there's always some loose fruit and vegetables on the floor which you can pick up. Green markets around the center are:

  • Dolac(above the Square of ban Josip Jelačić)
  • tržnica Trešnjevačka (On Trešnjevački trg)
  • tržnica Britanac (Britanski trg)
  • tržnica Kvatrić (Šubićeva, near Kvaternikov trg)
  • tržnica Branimir (corner of Kneza Branimira and Neznane junakinje).

There's a lot more - here's a site with the map, it's in Croatian, but at least you can see the location and working hours. TržniceZagreb

Dumpster diving

Most luck is with Konzum dumpsters, some have bigger bio dumpsters (which are unfortunately emptied only once or twice a week), while others have the small green bins and the trash might not be separated.

  • Dumpster behind Konzum in Knežija is really good for diving for vegetables and fruits. (Last checked: January 2011)
  • Dumpster behind Konzum in Savica on Zinke Kunc street has vegetables and fruits once in a while, although a big number of cockroaches might be encountered at the spot. (Last checked: August 2011)
  • Konzum in Frankopanska 1 (the center) has an accessible dumpster with an occasional catch. (Last checked: March 2013)
  • Konzum in Hercegovačka 111 sometimes has a few things. (Last checked: March 2013)
  • Super Konzum on Černomerec works 24/7 and has two big bio-dumpsters, you can find some good food. (Last checked: November 2016)
  • Konzum in Radnička C. 80 Tower also has an accessible bio dumpster (rarely emptied), and some other expired stuff has been found in the other bin. (Last checked: March 2013)

Dont bother going to:

  • "Lidl" in Slobostina district ( the bins are locked)


Freeshop in Zagreb

There is a Freeshop open all the time in Heinzelova 66, as well as an anarchist library - part of Reci:Klaonica collective. The idea of the place is like anywhere else - take it and/or leave it. It's mostly clothes, but also all sorts of thingies, from condoms and books to audio cassettes and car speakers. The door are a bit hard to open, just be brave. The same lovely anarchists sometimes hold workshops (like juggling every Wednesday 19:03-22:06h) and there is a music studio for all the kids with dreams and no money.

Report on Klaonica

The fence that separates freeshop ReciKlaonica in Zagreb from Radnička cesta

When you ask around for Heinzelova 66 you will be most likely directed to Zagreb's Vet Faculty. From there one can see something similar to Klaonica but when you look around for the entrance it is a bit hard to find as the area is pretty much fenced. Before you go there look for directions on their homepage but don't use the green way which instructs you to jump over the fence, because it's dangerous. If you use the green way you will most likely end up on Radnička road because the fence has thorns and barbed wire. However you can still find a small section of fence without barbed wire which is possible to be jumped over but still can be pretty unpleasant as there are thorns on the ground just by the fence on the other side. So, the other way from the Konzum market is better choice.


BEK is a new squat-social center in Zagreb organizing public kitchen every wednesday and saturday and other free activities ( freeshop, free bar, garden, yoga, workshops etc. )


Every Thursday from 5-8 p.m. a group of young bicycle enthusiasts gather in Frankopanska 1 where they hold a free, open-to-everybody repair-shop. Unlike a regular bike-service, this place offers advice and tools to help you mend your bike by yourself. The atmosphere is very jolly of course. For further information, this their site Biciklopopravljaona.

Free stuff

Street-diving Two or three times a year, people throw their unwanted stuff outside on the street and it is free for anybody to take. Things such as old beds, books, washing machines, bathtubs, clothes, tires, desks and chairs are very common. Such piles of trash can be found in every neighbourhood. The exact dates vary, but are generally between the middle of February till the beginning of March, and in the summer they are between the end of July untill the middle of August. Each neighbourhood has its own date which can be checked at the Croatian public garbage disposal service page.

Flea market Every Wednesday and Sunday there is a flea market Hrelić. You can find anything you think of. People start gathering early in the morning, from dawn till around 13,14 or later. Many people leave unsold stuff laying around. To get there take trams 6, 7 or 8, get off at "Most Mladosti" and follow the stream of people going east by the river bank.


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