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Ystad (south Sweden, by the ocean across from Poland)is great for dumpster diving! There are three shops that have a good selection for the night time shopper. Lidl and Coop lie across from eachother just when driving into the town from Malmö. Lidl have alot of fruit, veg and bread. Coop have two smaller bins next to the big compressor, where they throw dairy products, meat, soymilk, oatmilk, juice, cookies etc. In a bigger bin they through all kinds of stuff, cashew nuts, sweets, toys, hair products...

If you continue Malmövägen (coming from Malmö), turn right on Erik Dahlbergsgatan and follow that road you´ll come to Netto. They always have food, and you don´t need a flashligt. But BE AWARE, a mouse trap with a dead mouse in it was once found inside one of the bins, whatch your fingers!