Wintertime diving

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Dumpster diving in winter can be tough. Below, dumpster divers share their experiences and tips - add more info if you can!


  • Warm gloves for digging in cold trash


  • to be filled

What you find

The cooler temperatures in wintertime will cause fewer perishable foods to go bad. This is an advantage because the food in the dumpster will not go bad as quickly as on hot summer days. On the other hand, you might find less discarded food because fewer will get bad inside the stores.


When temperatures are below the freezing point, the food will start to freeze. For things you might normally put into the freezer anyway - like meat, pizza and ice cream - this effect is advantageous. Yet, fruits and vegetables are negatively effected by frost. If the water in the plant cells is turning into ice, it is expanding and thus breaking the cells. While frozen, the fruit still looks good and feels firm, but when the water is starting to melt, the fruit gets squashy. Also, the food will lose a part of its taste.

If you want to take the frozen fruits and vegetables anyway, you should store your findings in the ice compartment of your fridge or outside (if temperatures are below zero all day) and defrost them just when you start preparing them. Frozen fruits can still be used to make shakes, smoothies or sauces. Just put them into a pot or something similar while defrosting and then blend.

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