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Winnipeg is the capital and biggest city in the province of Manitoba, in Canada. Like all major Canadian cities it can be considered as a great place for dumpster diving.

Every dumpsterdiver should visit the "Winnipeg Harvest". It's in Winnipeg avenue at the crossing of Notre Dame avenue and McPhillips street. Their dumpster is HUGE. Imagine a truck trailer sized dumpster with the top completely open. There's always a mountain of bread and a mountain of potatoes, as well as a mountain of canned goods and other stuff. You can find all sorts of cans and jars (tons of legumes and soups, tomato sauce, some meat products, fruit salads, fancy spreads), peanut butter, big bags of sugar, flour, oats, milk, smoothies, cookies, anything! Winnipeg harvest is the main food bank organization in Winnipeg and this dumpster is where they receive all the donations. Due to sanitary regulations, they throw out lots of produce, mainly dented cans and expired foods. They also just receive too much potatoes, salad and bread and are thus forced to throw out large quantities of perfectly good food. The awesome thing is, they understand dumpsterdiving is just another level of food distribution and no-one will bother you diving. You can do it during the day. Actually, it's a paradise - a huge dumpster full of food and diving is, in a way, promoted. The best day to pay a visit to this lovely spot is Tuesdays when you are more likely to run into all sorts of nice thing besides the bread and potatoes which are there everyday. (Last checked April 2014)

On the crossing of Notre Dame and Furby, there is a Shoppers with an accessible dumpster. In Shoppers one can occasionally find medicine (usually natural medicine) and often certain food products (like candy, chocolate, rice cookies, fruit bars - that kind of things.) (Last checked: April 2014.)

On Donald Street downtown just off of Broadway is a small IGA supermarket. If you go behind the larger building to the parking lot you will easily find two large blue dumpsters that belong to the supermarket. Although they may be hard to get in and out of, you can climb up quite easily and they seem to be quite full much of the time.

Just across from the IGA is a parking lot. On the western side of the parking lot next to the building is a smaller dumpster that belongs to the Starbucks on Broadway Ave. It could be worth checking out around closing time for leftover baking and the occasional score of expired coffee beans.

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