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Westbrook is a city in Maine, USA. It offers some dumpster diving opportunities.

Dumpster diving

Places to find free food:

  • Odwalla Inc, 5 Karen Dr near the Portland border; their dumpster fills with juice and food bars throughout every weekday. Starting 2012, the front and left side doors are kept locked. The right side door is held loosely shut with a small nut and bolt. Bring two wrenches to loosen these in case they were tightened enough that your fingers won't do the job. Loosen the bolt until the assembly can be slid forward far enough to allow the door to slide to the right. Odwalla truck drivers tend to be diver-friendly and will sometimes hand out dumpster-destined drinks out of the back of their truck if you meet them on the streets and ask. (Last checked: February 2012)
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