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Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand.

The Free Store opened in Wellington in June 2010. It is currently located at Left Bank Arcade, Cuba Street: Tue-Sat (5-7pm).

Dumpster diving is common here, while finds can be quite generous.

You find a Pack'nSafe in Kilbirnie: Rongotai Road. The dumpsters are behind a fence but it is possible to crawl under it since it's quit a bit above the ground. It's quit likely to find some fruit and veg there but the store closes at 11pm and workes work in the back of the shop even longer. It is a quit busy area,too so try to go there late.

Check out the New World in Island Bay: Parade. The fence is quit high above the ground here,too (there is not too much space to crawl but it's possible) and in the night the streets are empty. They have seprate dumpsters for fruit and veg (which is not so common in new zealand) and sometimes quit a lot of bread. Shop closes at 10 pm. It should be fine to go there after, though. have fun !

New Zealand

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