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Visby is main town of Gotland island. There are many big markets. Unfortunately all markets has dumpsters locked or inside. ICA and COOP outof town has only dumpsters with glass metal etc. outside. ICA in town has probably compressor, no dumpster with food were found.

Coop in the city has dumpsters behind fence with babtwire, it is not possible to go inside. They had for a while bio dumpsters outside and we found lot of cakes, bread, fruit. However, they have it inside most of time.

There are lot of tourist during Summer, especially in Middle age week. Lot of bread, cakes and other leftovers of food was found in classic dust bins or behind cafe or restaurants. Many restaurants has tables outside and you can find some leftovers.

You can get to Gotland only by ship or plane. Ticket for Ferry cost 95 SEK (EUR 10) cheapest one and sneeking is almost impossible. Duration from Oskarshawn is about 3 hours. There are plenty of restaurants on the ship and many places are with free accessible leftovers. You can eat a lot of leftovers from restaurants and you can take something with you. If you are kicked out from one restaurant, just go to another.

Some Dumpsters can be in Mora open, but Peter only heard about it. Stenkirka is small village about 20 km from Visby. There is Tempo shop. Big plastic dumpster behind this shop is locked and small dumpster had only fruit and vegetabes in quite bad conditions.

There are lot of Cherry trees in Gotland

Last checked: July 2016