Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Virginia Beach is a city in Virginia, USA, with a population of around 434,000. The cops are not the most friendly when it comes to "subversive" activity so be extra cautious in not attracting attention.

Dumpster diving

Virginia Beach can offer some dumpster diving opportunities.

  • There's a Trader Joe's off Laskin Road in the Hilltop area worth checking. (Last checked: August 2011)
  • A Papa Murphy's Pizza recently opened in the shopping center on the corner of Princess Anne and S. Independence with the Target. The Papa Murphy's shares a small strip with a Pollard's Chicken. They all also share one dumpster. Worth have a look! (Last checked: October 2011)
  • Bloom supermarket. Checked once. Findings: modest haul of fresh produce (mostly consisting of very crispy apples). (Last checked: Sept.2010)
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