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Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and its largest city.

Dumpster diving

Some small amounts of food can be found at the very end of food markets. It is possible to find some fruits and vegetables by the greengrocers, too. You can find food in "Norfa" dumpsters. One might also check "Rimi" and "Iki" dumpsters. However, the last two give away food to "Food bank" (in Lithuanian: "Maisto bankas"), i.e. food is being distributed among poor and homeless people.

Dumpster diving friends

Leave your message here if you want to find a friend to dumpster dive with (this is in no way a contact information for journalists, please respect that):

  • I am searching someone to dive for food in Vilnius together:


Rita Perkunas

  • add yourself?


Freecycle and free stuff

Vilnius has a very active freecycle group where you can offer and receive stuff for free, see (languages allowed: English and Lithuanian). As of March 2011, the group consisted of around 400 members and averaged 20 messages/month.

There are also active clothing and stuff swap communities in Vilnius, check their websites!

Labdariai freeshop-café

Update June 2015: According to a core member, Labdariai no longer exists.

There is a freeshop/café/infoshop Labdariai in Vilnius old town. It is organized in a rather anarchistic way, and is a place for alternative folks to gather together. Most common visitors are friends of local anarchists and such, but other friendly folks in need for a free warm meal are always welcome to drop in. The food (almost always vegan, and always vegetarian) and tea is served for a donation "whatever-you-can-give". There is also a book/music/film library and lounge room, you can loan any item, or trade clothes and such. Film viewings are organized once in a while, too.

It is not advisable to share the address of the place on Internet, since the owners of Labdariai wanna stay underground. To find the place, either contact them by mail, or when in Vilnius walk around the old town, and if you see some alternative looking folks (especially with dreadlocks), ask them if they know where is Labdariai café. Maybe it won't work from the first time, but you will eventually find it.

Read about this place in Lithuanian here.

As of summer 2011, the place is open Monday-Friday 12.00-21.00 (sometimes opening hours are reduced to 16.00-20.00, depending on activeness of local activists).

Food Not Bombs

Every (?) last Saturday of the month Food Not Bombs event takes place at "Reformatų" square. Part of the food distributed during the event comes from dumpsters.

Free Internet

There is free Internet in the Vilniaus Apskrities Adomo Mickeviciaus Viesoji library [1] in the old town at Trakų g. 10, 01132 Vilnius. The library is open Monday till Friday from 12-7pm.


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