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Vienna is the capital of Austria.

Dumpster diving

Dumpsters are often locked up and are not accessible without a key. However, locals report of easy dumpster diving, a big selection of food (often too much), and good possibilities to dumpster dive at organic stores. Allegedly, people in Vienna throw away enough bread to feed a city of 500,000 (fact from the movie "Our daily bread"). Be careful though, in March 2009 an instant of poisoning (cleaning solutions) vegatables in the dumpster of a Hofer (Aldi) supermarket occured.

  • The easiest finds are at the outdoor markets (most known is Naschmarkt but there are tons of others, too), although mostly whilst the markets are open, as the trash containers are emptied or locked up at night and on Sunday for the most part.
  • It is easy to dumpster dive outside the urban center (try near Danube river in districts 2, 20, 21, 22 for instance, also look for the especially designed BBQ area along the danube) where there are free-standing supermarkets with dumpsters out in the back or in the parking lot. (Last checked: 2010)

Quite old information about Dumpsterdiving in Vienna. Here are some new infos from a local: Now (2016) it's still very easy to do dumpsterdiving in Vienna, but here it's different to most other places. As mentioned above, mostly all of the dumpsters are locked inside of a garbage room (easily to spot next to the supermarkets with the german sign "Müllraum"), but it's easy to get a key for unlocking them. It's the same key which the garbage collection men use to enter the garbage rooms. Also sometimes the garbage room is inside of a city block, so you need the postman key to enter the city block. Both keys you can get legally at any key store for around 20-30€ (definitely worth it, if you plan to stay a longer time in Vienna, as you really find huge amount of food). Just ask for "Z Schlüssel" and "Müllraumschlüssel". There's also a FB Group, where you can find updated informations:


Free food

VoKüs (Volksküche - people's kitchen)

Freegan food is prepared and served for free. Similar to Food not bombs.


Student house of the BOKU (University of horticulture) is home to a Vokü on the 1st Sunday of the month starting at around 3 PM. They also have a freebox with all kind of things, mostly clothes.


A culture/info/art/community space offers a Vokü together with a local food coop on the third Sunday of the month with food ready by around 8 PM. Another coop offers a Vokü on every other Sunday from 8 PM in the same place.

Free stuff

It is common to find non-food items. Austrians, being one of the more affluent people on this planet, often throw away things in the household trash which other people still might use. People also leave things near trash receptacles for charity donations, many people scavenge through these. Some seekers have been known to try to get things out of these containers as well.

Store trash can also yield good finds such as newly packaged electronics and items lightly used within the store.


Via you can find freeshops in Vienna with their addresses and opening hours. For English, see Google translated version of the page.

Tüwi - don't forget about the student house of the BOKU which has a freebox with all kinds of things, mostly clothes. (It is also a home to a Vokü on the 1st Sunday of the month from around 3 pm.)

Free price

This is not free food!


You can find a Pakistani restaurant (very good, self-service...) with a pay-what-you-want-model, i.e. you decide how much money you give! It is called Der Wiener Deewan and is situated on Liechtensteinstraße 10 (map). Their website is here.


There is also the Cafe Gagarin that has local specialities with a free price policy model, additionally it is a center for anarchist/bike people. It is at Garnisongasse 24, 1090 Wien and their website (in german) is