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Verona is in north Italy, by main dancing line Bolsano- Verona - Bolonga - Rome - Napoli and Milano - Verona - Padova - Venecia, and too on main dancing line from Italy to Austria and Germany. You can go to platform without checking before entering platform (not like Roma Termini and Milano centrale). Alps ends more north (railway tunnel before Verona), Verona has already warm climate and palms.

There is some big supermarket by main road about 1.5 from train station towards south (direction of river flowing). One day in August 2015 was found plastic dumpster behind shop, by road. A lot of cakes and some bread was found. However this dumpster was not found again in autumn 2016. Peter walked around shop, but nothing was found.

There are some fruit trees in Verona like figs. It is possible to find something in Summer. And some fruit markets in Summer trow away a lot of fruit too. Peter was looking to dustbins on street too and sometimes, he found some bread. There is four-star hotel close to train station (Leon d Oro), about 300 km away by river. It could be possible to walk into and have a free breakfast there (if you do not look so suspicious, most of people are there in suits).

If you go from train station in Verona (being kicked out from last train), then finding good place for sleep is quite difficult. There is river with grass and tress around, but it is everywhere behind fence. And parks are fenced and closed at night too. If you go from train station towards big shop, by river about 1.5-2 km, there is powerplant and bridge through river. However green area are fenced too. If you cross bridge, there is some place, where you can go, but beehives are there. Next place is little bit more far by road (east after bridge, river go to east too), there should be some way to river.

Last checked: Autumn 2016