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Venice (Italian: Venezia) is a city built on hundreds of islands in a lagoon off Italy's adriatic coast.

Dumpster diving


  • Coop right at the entrance of the city (45°26'22.3"N 12°19'1.62"E)
  • Coop on Lido (45°25'1.52"N 12°22'12.7"E)
  • Billa on Lido (45°24'57.6"N 12°22'10.2"E)

All of them have mostly fruits and vegetables. (Last checked: ?)

Food markets

Rialto Mercato is Venice's main market.

  • It is open 7/7 from 7 to 14.

It's a great place for fruits and vegetables, you can pick some up from the floor, some sellers leave the ones they throw away in boxes on the floor or tables, some simply give you some when they see you picking them up or you can just go and ask but for that you should ideally know some italian.

The best time to go there is between 13 and 13:30. (Last checked: July 2015)


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