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Karden went to a food market while he lived in Braunschweig, Germany, and asked them politely for their waste food. Then he did it again and again. And with time vendors - guys who sell goods from the stalls - have warmed up to this softly speaking guy with friendly manners - and instead of throwing the food away they simply started putting it aside for him.

Building these kind of relationships with vendors on the streets could have a high value service for Trashwiki users. We could set up profiles of cooperative vendors - dumpster divers could take pictures of themselves with friendly cooperative vendors, and say, future Trashwiki users could look at these pictures and perhaps help this good will towards people rescuing food transfer to new areas and locations.

We have the capacity of changing our relationship with trash making it a part of a more sustainable living. We can elevate trash so that it comes out of a dumpster and is given to divers and to other people in need through, for instance, redistribution actions like Food Not Bombs.

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