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Vardo is town on Island, by Arctic coast, far north and far east, 662 km from Rovaniemi by road E75. It is most east point of Norway and almost whole EU (Finland has about 0.3 deg. more east border by Joensu) There is about 2800 m long underwater tunnel from mail land to Vardo. Climate there is like at Nordkapp, lot of clouds and rain, snow wind. Even Summer is quite cold, winter not so cold, but with strong very cold wind. Rain or snow storm is there often. There are two islands with natural reservation

Hitchhiking in north Norway is great, however traffic is not so high last 73 km after Vadso, and standing on the road can be not so nice during strong wind and cold or frost and rain or snowing. People stop quite often in this area.

Two places for dumpster diving were found in Vardo. First is small shop Kolonial Knut Bye. It is located by harbor (havn), where E75 ends. Bigger metal container is behind shop, it is visible from main street. Unfortunately, lot of people walking around during day. Container is by door of shop, no camera was found. Container is not locked, you can go inside. Waste is quite mixed and searching is not so easy, there is lot of plastic bags with other garbage inside, old paper plastic, etc. There is usually some fruit and vegetable inside container - bananas, tomatoes, apples, potatoes, kiwi, avokados. Amount of fruit is variable. Inside plastic bags can be nothing, but there are often some yogurts, cheese, sauces, some dry food with a bit cracked pack (rice couscous etc.). There is not so often bread, but Petter found plenty of bread one time, About twenty pizzas were found in this container in summer 2017. Dustmans empty container probably in Thursday or Venesday.

Main shop is Rema 1000 on the top of Vardo, under hill with military area. Rema 1000 has big metal container behind, by entrance for shop workers. Both sides of container are without lock, you can go easily inside. No camera was found at entrance area. There is some road, where cars and people usually go, close to container. You can go in by side towards market and you will be not visible from the street (but workers can suddenly come during day, night time is better). Rema 1000 closes at 10pm resp. 8pm. Some old bananas, fruits, vegetables were found, some packages polar bread. Lot of trash is in big plastic bags too, but it mostly paper, plastic, not food probably. There is not so much bread, just some pieces or cracked packs. They know, how much bread they sell during day, and nothing usually left at evening. There is usually lot of Avokados, Oranges, Strawberries in container, but they can be in bad conditions (especially oranges, avocados). You can find a pack of floor too.

There is hill with military area in Vardo, close to Rema 1000. It is forbidden to go uphill to by road to this area and if they see somebody, they ask, why you go there (on the road towards hill too). Do not go to this hill and road.

Last checked: June 2017