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Varangerbotn is small town at the end of fjord in Arctic ocean, far north and east. It is important crossroad with roundabout. There is E6 from Russia, Kirkenes to Karasjohka, Alta, and more south and E75 from Vardo, Vadso to Finland.

There is gas station with coop market by this crossroad. Dumpster is behind Coop market (black plastic), but it is locked with metal wire. Two people can open dumpster and grab something, if it is enough full. However, this dumpster is dubious. Only this shop is here. Varangerbotn is small village.

There is Sami museum and small forest with shelters for bird watching by fjord, close to sea side. It is possible to sleep in this shelter in case of rain or wind. But it is with open windows and without possibility of fire. Better place is some fireplace with roof and tarp around - Kota, close to Sami museum.

Last checked: March 2018