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Utrecht is a city in the Netherlands. For the city of Zeist see Zeist.

Dumpster diving

If you want to get in touch with other people who do dumpster diving in Utrecht and surroundings, you can join this open group on Facebook.


  • On Mondays and Fridays you can find big blue bags filled with yesterdays white bread in front of the Italian bakery "Broodje Mario" at the Oudegracht. Employees are friendly and don't mind taking unsold old bread. (Last checked: Sept.2009)
  • Spar supermarket on Uithof campus sometimes has packaged bread leftovers. They are put in front of their closed gate area in the underground bicycle parking lot behind the building. One has to be careful, however, as the space is well visible from the Spar back entrance and employees might have a good view on it. (Last checked: January 2014)
  • The Kanaalstraat in Lombok is very good for collecting vegetables and fruit. Numerous vegetable stores are there. For most stores, it is best to go between 5 and 6 PM: after closing they remove the containers. On tuesdays and thursdays they collect the garbage around 1 PM, so better not to go around that time.You will see brown containers in front of most of them, some stores also have bins or baskets with fruit and vegetables. If it's in baskets it's better to ask inside to be sure it's not for sale. (Last checked: Febr. 2014) "One vendor offered me a box full of vegetables, more than I could carry. When similarly passing by the next store the reaction was negative. So make sure to be polite." - User:Freeyah, Sept.2009.
  • The Aldi in lombok often has bread in trolleys at the back. It happened that they locked the zippers with small locks, but generally they are left open. (Last checked: June 2013)
  • The Saturday food market at Vredenburg isn't particularly good because vendors have to take their rubbish with them.


The collection of household refuse (furniture, etc.) is on Wednesdays (Tuesday morning in Lombok, might be other days in other areas). Also note that containers outside the student dormitories contain lots of good stuff too.




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