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Playing in the Klaonica's free shop

My real name is Lea and I come from the planet Balkan. I like traveling so much it's hard to stop. I prefer hitchhiking or cycling and manage to survive comfortably with the money I find by the side of the road. I tend to gain weight in countries with rich dumpsters. I try to update trashwiki as much as I can, as well us upload photos.

As a bum and a traveler I am grateful for the freegan food and disgusted by the insane waste at the same time. I truly hope in the future there will be no dumpsterdiving! Until then, we should share information on all the good spots.

Back in Zagreb, I lived in the squat called "Klaonica" - so feel free to contact me for directions if you're into that kinda stuff. I'm not there so I can't know what's going on, but it's still alive and usually open to occasional travelers.

From the market in Oaxaca, Mexico
While hitchhiking in Sweden