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why i dumpster dive

I love dumpster diving, mostly for political reasons. I thus avoid sponsoring the making, packing, transporting, advertising of disgusting non-organic goods, all of those acts being pure heresy. I want my impact on the earth and the beings on it as small as possible, so this way, (like with hitchhiking), i don't sponsor pollution. I think the consumer's society is just NOT possible, and this way, I don't sponsor industries and companies involved in that. In the same way hitchhiking is always better than the most ecological solution, like car pooling or the train, dumpster diving (even the most crappy meat) is always better than buying the most ecological product (even organic tofu).

I mostly enjoy cooking for great amounts of people (as opposed to diving in the dumpsters for myself). I've participated in some Food Not Bombs chapters around.

where to find me

I currently live in the south of France.

You can find me, with the same nick, on hitchwiki, couchsurfing and hospitalityclub. i'm Another stupidfrog on en.wikipedia.

how i can help

I can help you translate from czech and italian, to english and french, if needed.

I'd be glad to meet fellow divers around here too, so we can explore around, only to better report here!