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I love trash. I'm trash-touring Europe :) France right now and Spain soonish.

It helps me stay out of the system whilst at the same time being able to feed and clothe myself and most importantly it makes it possible for me to give to others. Dumpstering is more enjoyable when the goods are shared :) I love sharing what I find with people and seeing their face when they say "Whoa!! you found this in a bin?? They threw this away??"

best finds:

  • Playstation 2 slim
  • 8 euro in one of those little black film containers for cameras
  • Sony 10mp digital camera
  • 2 x extreme -13 degrees sleeping bags in a festival
  • 400 euros refund worth of cans cups and other recyclables collected at a festival
  • brand new unopened toothbrush in a bin in a little village in greece
  • a crate of guinness
  • a box of wine
  • maybe 50 kilos of flour
  • more mozarella than i could carry..there could have been 100 bags or more who knows
  • old stamps that i used to send a letter
  • lots of bottles of shampoo
  • 2 kinder eggs and other kinder sweets
  • easter eggs in October!
  • maple syrup and amazing teas
  • bags of fresh warm pizza every night
  • 10 giant bars of white milka chocolate with nuts be continued :)

favorite places to dumpster:

  • copenhagen, denmark
  • serres, greece
  • lyon, france
  • charlton kings, cheltenham, england
  • isla vista, california, usa
  • berlin, germany
  • vienna, austria

contact me if you wanna share tips or chat, smautza at gmail dot com