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Simon currently resides in Isle of Wight, after years of skipping in Bath/Somerset, across western Europe, and as a youngster in Norfolk, East Anglia.

One of the tragedies of our age is supermarkets locking away their skips so that only the bin collectors experience the travesty of their wastage. This is the situation at most (but not all) supermarkets and shops on the Isle of Wight. It feels like my days of skipping are a nostalgic part of my past, where I would head to the skips late at night to find kilos of cheese, beer, gourmet foods, high-quality bread, six-packs of honey, fruit trees and flower displays, thousands of chocolate bars, and generally foods that I would never contemplate eating otherwise. It's both sad and mad to be in a place where I feel disconnected from this hobby that did once provide pretty much all of my sustenance.

For me, it's both alarming and also exciting to see how extremely wasteful our society is. There is nothing quite like finding treasures seemingly presented to you from the heavens inside a skip.