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I'd like to get a juicer so I can make apple juice of all the delicious apples I find but can't eat!


Apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries, squash, peaches, champignon mushrooms, dried Chanterelle, bell pepper, chilli peppers, fresh basil and rosemary, radishes, cheese, watermelons, honey/gaia/net melons, mango, sugar peas, tomatoes, cucumber, leek, spring onions, onions, carrots, potatoes, beet root, cabbage, lemons, kidney beans, dried mango, bagged walnut kernels, organic deluxe crisp bread, canned cherry tomatoes, cheerios, chocolates, Pålægschokolade, assorted cookies and candy, bread, a single 4kg piece of beef with an expiry date several days in the future and a price of 800DKK (100€/150$), a Cremant de Bourgogne (sparkling white wine) and a Gavi Tenuta Manenti (white wine), Biotta organic juice, Carlsberg Kildevæld with lemon, milk, wheat, rye and corn flour, sugar, pasta, and other products half of which were organic

Top finds

Bottle of Cremant de Bourgogne Sparkling white wine, it tasted terrible, but we had a very fun time in a park getting tipsy and playing the broom game

When I met a couple of very nice guys at a Fakta here in Denmark, I asked if I could dive their dumpster, they told me sure! and proceeded to give me 5kg of assorted pork and 750g of plaice along with a small truckload of tomatoes and small yoghurts. I immediately gave 4 of the packages of meat away to some nice ladies at the bus stop nearby and had a wonderful talk with them about the wonders of Dumpster diving.

Another Fakta had 10 packs of Rug Fras (totalling 3.75kg) and 14 packs of Kellogg's AllBran (totalling 5kg) all slightly bent, I have no idea what to do with all this semi-healthy breakfast (Rug Fras has the danish green keyhole recomendation) and all this not-so-healthy-but-pretending-to-be breakfast (Allbran has loads of sugar)

Most expensive findings

16 cans of cherry tomatos with a value of 240DKK or about €32

13 packs of Organic pålægschokolade with a value of 422.50 DKK or about €56

24 packs of cereal with a value of about 720DKK or €100