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Umeå is one of the biggest cities in the upper Sweden.

Dumpster diving

Although the illegality of dumpster diving in Sweden is under question (see more info on that here), there was one case of an arrest when two youngsters in Umeå were arrested for dumpster diving in January 2011 - they were suspected in an arbitrary act (in Swedish: "egenmäktigt förfarande"), see reference. It is not clear though how did it end for them.

Actual spots

  • ICA Teg has a very good dumpster. Lots and lots of bananas. (Last checked: April 2012)
  • ICA Hedlunda (map) has an open container, often lots of bread! (Last checked: August 2016)
  • ICA Västerslätt (map) has a pretty large container, you need to jump into it most of the time. (Last checked August 2016)
  • Lidl Ålidhem (map) has separated trash and bio-trash. Usually well sorted. Many divers. (Last checked: March 2017).
  • MM Överskott (map) Not much food, though the occasional juice packages or candy can be found. Mostly various other items.
  • Överskottsbolaget (Ersboda) Has now switched to using a compressor. (Last checked: December 2017)
  • Circle K Storgatan (map) Open dumpster. (Last checked: March 2017)

dumpster_diving=yes in Umeå, Sweden