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Trondheim is a town in central northern Norway.

You can find extraordinary bottles in Trondheim

Dumpster diving

Dumpster diving is very much possible in this Norwegian town.


  • You might find lots of fruits, vegetables and even dairy products in a dumpster behind the Rema 1000 Tinghusplassen 1 (63.429800, 10.394501) at the central square where the tourist info is. Just wait a bit when there will be less people. Possible to do it in day- or nighttime. (Last checked: Okt.2015)
  • In Ila, Bunnpris has an open dumpster in a shed on the side of the store. (Last checked: June 2011)
  • The Bunnpris store in Kaptein Rosens vei (Bunnpris fagerlia) also has a dumpster in the parking lot outside, and it is easy to get to. (Last checked: June 2011)
  • The Bunnpris on Lerkendal has a dumpster behind the store. Mostly vegetables, fruit and some dairy products. Very easy to get to. The store closes at 23:00. (Last checked: April 2013)
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  • Bunnpris Steinan has an unlocked dumpster easily accesible on the side of the store. Vegetables, fruit and some dairy products. The store closes at 23.00.
  • The Havstad area is great for dumpster diving. Rema 1000 Havstein has an open container at the back nicely tucked away from the road and neighbours, with plenty of fruit and bread, plus some veggies and baked goods. The Bunnpris right up the street also has an open container on the side of the store with bread, fruits, and lots of veggies. Right next to that is Esso, with a container to the side of the station that you'll occasionally find snacks or sodas in. All these close at 23:00. (Last checked: April 2014)
  • Joker Festningen, Tyholtveien 28 (63.425912, 10.417535): Sweet breads, fruits and vegetables, sometimes other things. (Last checked: Okt.2015)
  • Joker, Nedre Møllenberg gate 17 (63.430354, 10.408655): Very public, just in front of the shops door. Small shop, so a bit of all kind of stuff. (Last checked: Okt.2015)

Locked but accessible

This places are with little effort still accessible:

  • Bunnpris Rosenborg AS, Weidemanns vei 2B (63.432368, 10.417087): 2 locked bins, opened with the hinge modification. Now they are quite easy accessible you might need a coin to get the pins out. Very good spot. Found nuts and a lot of long durable foods. (Last checked: Oct.2015)

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