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Tromsø is a town in northern Norway.

Dumpster diving

As soon as you leave the center, Tromsø has great dumpster-diving opportunities. Some stores attach padlocks to their bins, but mostly they don´t lock the bin properly. You don´t have to go to the bins at night, which gives the possibility of hitchhiking to the dumpsters.

  • There is one Rema 1000 twenty minutes south of the center which has a great open dumpster. Please try to approach it unseen so it can remain a great source of food for freegans. (Last checked: December 2011)
  • There is also Eurospar at Tomasjordnes which has a number of small dumpsters, worth checking. (Last checked: December 2011)
  • A very good place is the Coop Extra, around 20 minutes walk away from town towards the north of the island on the main road after turning right from the main bridge from the main land. You are very likely to find plenty of bread vegetables and dairy products.
  • Eurospar Tromsdalen - big blue plastic bins, packaged fruit, veg, dairy and other food. (Last checked: July 2019)
  • Extra Tromsdalen - brown plastic bins with some packaged food, fruits, bread, etc. (Last checked: July 2019)


Check this [googlemap] for more locations around the island.


To get free clothes, you can drop a cardboard sign in one of the big light green UFF (Humana) clothes collection containers, on which you ask them if you can maybe join one day on their tour to empty the containers, or just if you can meet them at a container they are emptying. especially the containers close to supermarkets get emptied quite often (mostly they´re full in less then a week), and the people working for Humana often take clothes themselves.


You can get electronic devices such as fridges, all kind of kitchen stuff, audio stuff, computers, etc at special collection points. One of them is at the Jekta Storsenter, to the right of the backside of Rema 1000.

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