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Tranemo is small town about 40 km south from Boras, east from Goteborg. There is about 5 km away artistic village Uddebo with lot of alternative people and two work-away places. Closest train station is Limmared.

Tranemo has two big supermarkets - Willy and ICA. ICA has metal container, doors are unlocked, you can get inside. Waste is quite mixed, but you can find lot of bread, fruits, vegetables, milk product, some juices. Quite lot of food is there.

Willy market has big metal container behind. This container is unlocked, and it is easy to go there. Lot of bread was often found, plenty of bananas and other fruits, vegetables and some cakes. Sometimes, there is pack of coffee. This dumpster was used many times. Container is big, it is best with two people. One person inside and one person is taking food and watching for workers. It is better to go there during night. During day - some market workers are nice, but some are unpleasant.

No shop with dumpsters was found in Uddebo village.

Last checked: February 2016.