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Toulouse is a city in the South West of France.

The non-recycling trash in Toulouse is in grey bins with green lids. Trash collection in the center is done 6 or 7 days a week. In the other areas (sectors) it is done 3 times a week. Sometimes the days of collection are written on the side or on top of the dumpsters in permanent marker, so check it out. If you can't figure the days out like that then you can call 3101 to ask for information. Hopefully be able to speak some French and tell them you just moved in. Generally dumpsters are either always out on the street or they are taken out in the evening after the shop closes.


Open markets

You can always find veggies at the end of food markets. Vendors usually start packing up around 12 pm - 1 pm.

  • Try one on the Boulevard d'Arcole (north from Metro Jeanne d'Arc, it moved a little bit further on the boulevard but it's still there), it is open every day except Monday. The best time to go is around 12:45. The marketplace gets cleaned after everyone has packed up and left, so big amounts of trash (wooden boxes and other packaging, and loads of fruits and vegetables!) are just left by the roadside for the cleaning crew to pick up. A very colourful crowd is there every day to pick anything edible up, so be ready for some competition! (Although a lot of friendly sharing happens there as well :)) You can also try to ask from the vendors directly. Some of them are really helpful. (Last checked: May.2017)
  • Check out half organic St Aubin market on Sundays. This one closes a bit later, around 2-2.30 pm, and is also a bit smaller. (Last checked: Dec.2011- the market there still run last checked in 2016)

Bakeries and restaurants

France is heaven for that.

  • One fine bakery is la Mie Caline on Place Esquirol, good on Saturdays (they close around 7pm?). They leave their garbage bags, generally with only edible sandwiches, pastry and bread, out in front of their shop. (Last checked: Dec.2011)
  • Right on Place du Capitole, among the garbage bags in front of the restaurants, you can get fresh buns still in their bakery bags, around 12-2 AM, probably everyday after they close restaurants (le Florida or the one next to it). (Last checked: Dec.2011)
  • There are two bakeries named La Brioche d'Or a bit outside of Toulouse, in the shopping city Labège. The main shop, a huge Carrefour hasn't yet proved to provide any accessible trash-treasury, but between 7:30 and 9 PM the two bakeries dump their immense food masses.
    • The one to the west side of the mall closes a bit earlier, between 7:30 and 8:30 PM. Better be there earlier so that you see the guys carrying the trashbags, this will give you the exact location of the bins at the same time. Don't speak to sellers at this spot, they ain't quite warm or sympathetic, just try to spot where they head with the prey!
    • The other Brioche d'Or, more to the east (by the entrance no.2?) closes between 8:30 and 9 PM. At this place the sellers are much lovelier, you can even ask them if you can bring all the trashbags in the shopping carts yourself to the bins just outside. There is little if any competition, since it is quite far from the city, and it usually provides enough food for 3-5 people for the next three days. Selection is made mainly of sandwiches and bakeries, but you can also find some tasty salads sometimes. (Last checked: Dec.2011)
  • You can check out another sandwich kiosk somewhere halfway between the two Brioche d'Ors (see info above), it closes around 7-8 PM and it always has some very tasty sandwiches. If you go on Saturday, you can even ask for the most expensive, fancy-looking cakes. Also, here you get food in a bag with a smile from the seller, you ain't gotta search for survived ones in a sticky bag. Here is the location for the two main entrances with Brioche d'Or close to them. (Last checked: Dec.2011)
  • In the neighbourghood of croix daurade (next to the 'Raymond Naves' high school, there is a bakery named Secret des Pains on the Faubourg bonnefoy (if I remember right the road name). Look at the closing hours around 20pm I think. The bin are outside, you can check on sandwiches and pizzas that where unselled, but there are on the way of unfrosting so you must have something to grill all that home. (Last checked: Dec.2016)
  • Close to the Jean Jaures underground, not close to the main entry but the other one, on the allées Jean Jaures, next to the elevator block there is many bins. One of them if you have luck is for the Paul bakery. The other ones are from Monoprix. Don't search around for the actual shop sause it's not nearby actually. Go around 22hPM/midnight (Last checked: Apr.2017)
  • At victor hugo, on the boulevard (next to jean jaures) there is a restaurant called 'le petit matignon' or something similar, around 23h30PM, if you show nicely, the servers are giving away the bread that wasn't used of the day. Last time we had 2 full bags of good baguettes :) (Last checked: Apr.2017)


Everything here comes from one dumpster trip to 3 small supermarkets located on Avenue de Muret in Toulouse.

A lot of the Petit Casino's in Toulouse seem to have a habit of throwing more stuff away than they sell. Just find your nearest and check it out. "Shopping" in little shops works superbly in the suburbs and not that well in the centre.

Here is a hopefully productive cycling-route for dumpstering the east of the city, trying to avoid the hills: - just keep your eyes open for other supermarkets along the way as there are more places than just those marked on the map. Go after closing time.

  • Seems that the Casino St Georges has easily accessible containers, and at times it's even possible to find wine there! A great cosmopolite team is "shopping" at 7 PM in the containers. The staff of the supermarket is usually helpful. Try it and share in function of your needs. (Last checked: Nov.2011) Personal place review: "This place is insane! The funniest and most competitive dumpster diving I have EVER seen. Basically around 7.30am a trucker brings the dumpsters out of the deliveries car park near the commercial center entrance, next to the stairs that go up to the square. So imagine about 8 people waiting and 2 FULL dumpsters worth of food spread out into 6 dumpsters mixed with normal trash. Mostly old people waiting to dumpster. The moment the dumpsters are out on the street people literally jump them, tip them over completely, spreading EVERYTHING on the streets, fighting to grab as much as they can before the other person. Imagine emptying 6 dumpsters on the streets, ripping, pulling, grabbing as much and as fast as you can to get stuff. The old ladies have incredible energy! So after all the food has been grabbed, some people that are careless just leave the mess right there, whilst about 5 people stay behind and clean up everything, putting the real trash back into the bins and putting them nicely on the side of the entrance. That's it. It's a unique experience, but I recommend not to go unless you wanna have some fun or just desperately need the food, because there are a lot of people going to this spot already." Smaua, Nov.2011.
  • There is a Spar near 26-30 Avenue de Lyon. You can almost always find nice stuff from the bin that they usually place out on Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings (these are the bin days in this area). However, you might occasionally have some luck on Saturdays as well, as the bin seems to be randomly out sometimes. The manager of the shop is not very cooperating so you might want to go after closing time (10 pm) (Last checked: Dec.2011)
  • Utile, Boulevard de Bonnefoy, near Av de Lavaur. Go on Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings when their bins are out. Around 9.30pm should be good since it's just after they close. There is usually a fare bit to find from their bins (Last checked: Dec. 2011)
  • Boulevard de Bonnefoy has a few other supermarkets you can try your luck at. (Last checked: Nov.2011)
  • Boulevard de Strasbourg also has a bunch of supermarkets, worth checking. (Last checked: May.2017)
    • The Monoprix at victor hugo (close to jean jaures) sometime you even find bear :) there is 2 bins loaded if you're lucky. Be carefull with the other bins, from the restaurants, they smell pretty bad because of non-fresh meet and fish. You can go around after 20PM and pass by later if they haven't put the bins out. I usually go around 23PM but any time should be good. From my personnal experience, the personnal out there is quite nice, but not all of them so be aware. The bins are placed closed to the road. (Last checked: Apr.2017)
  • Le Mutant (151 Avenue Jean Chaubet) works on Monday evenings and perhaps also Wednesdays and Saturdays. (Last checked: Nov.2011)
  • Go check the Monoprix on the boulevard bonnefoy (next to Place roquelaine, the big road that starts from jeanne d'arc and goes at the opposite of the city center) it's next a school. go around 20PM or later. I go around 22H30/23H and it's good. (Last checked: Apr.2017)



In Labège, behind the Carrefour on the FNAC side there are old screens (for recycling) left by the people buying new ones. Preferably on Saturdays.


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