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Torshavn is situated on Faroe Islands.

Dumpster diving

Dumpster diving works well in Torshavn. Although some supermarkets like the FK in Dr. Jacobsens Göta and Miklagardur in the SMS shopping center have no dumpsters outside, there are other places to find a free food. Since there are nearly no small shops or bakeries in Torshavn, you will have to stick to the supermarket dumpsters. Since it's mostly cold outside, most things you will find will still be fresh.

Good spots for food

  • You can find food at Burger King dumspters outside the SMS shopping center. (Last checked: March 2009)
  • Try Mylnan supermarket on Jónas Broncksgøta street. (Last checked: March 2009)
  • Try to dive at FK in Hoyvík. (Last checked: March 2009)
  • Bónus in the outskirts of the city near the Skemman furniture store might provide with some good results. (Last checked: March 2009)
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Free non-food stuff

  • You could also try out Á Hjalla, notable place being "Kommunala Brennistøðin". A lot of great findings can be scavenged there, including old spare car parts, PVC pipes, spare wood, kitchen appliances, toilets and sinks, furniture, electronics, etc. (Last checked: Oct.2011)
  • Also at Á Hjalla are the dumpsters of Vøruhúsið á Hjalla. They mostly contain paper and cardboard, but interesting findings include furniture, clocks, blenders, coffeemakers and miscellaneous kitchenware. (Last checked: Oct.2011)