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Tolga is town in valley between Roros and Tynset. It is place with nice nature and with river.

There is Coop shop in center of Tolga, close to train station down in valley. Container is behind this shop. Container is not locked and not so many of people are there - it is quiet place. However most of trash is mixed waste - metal, plastic covers, and general waste. Only little bit of bread pieces and some fruits was found there in summer 2017, but it was quite small amount.

It is in cold mountains area and there can be frost even in Summer and there is in winter often bellow -20, sometimes bellow -30 (-47 long time ago). Trains goes there only once a few hours, with few people only. It is easy to find who is new. Waiting rooms are here closed quite early (during night too), if any exist at stop. However hitchhiking is relative good there.