Toilet paper

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Interestingly enough, some dumpster divers may find packaged toilet paper rolls in supermarket dumpsters or even on occasion in residential move-out caches.

While it may seem bizarre to dispose of non-perishable toiletries, stores will often discard otherwise fine paper goods due to defects in the packaging or cosmetic damage caused during handling. Likewise, individuals moving out of buildings may not want to take up space with bulky cheap items and will discard partially used packs of toilet paper, tissue paper or paper towels before leaving a residence.

When finding dived toilet paper that's exposed to the rest of the dumpster, it is good policy to remove a few layers of the product and dispose of them before use, to minimize the potential for germ transfer - still, it is sagacious to keep in mind that the functions of the human body are likely a more potent bacterial threat than your average dumpster, and that common sense hand-washing and hygiene will do more to ensure safety than any alterations to the toilet tissue.