Tana Bru

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Tana bru is located far north in Finmark, where big Tana river (border Finland - Norway) flows to fjord. Tana Bru is important crossroad. There is bridge over river and big crossroad - E6-E75 towards Kirkenes, Russia, Vadso, Vardo in east, whole Finland, Norway in west and smaller road to Berlevag in Arctic coast and road to Mehamn and Gamvick. It is not so far from sea, but -30 or -35 degrees can be there during winter.

There is Rema 1000 in west side of river, after crossroad, by E6 towards west. Big metal container for mix and compressor for paper is behind Rema 1000. Metal container (not compressor) is locked in front and one visible side. But one door into container by side are destroyed and it is not possible now to close or lock this door. Peter found there some vegetables and bread. Last checked: March 2018