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Tampere is a great Finnish city for "dyykata" as dumpster diving is called in Finnish. Many of the best places are difficult to access as they are in the inner courtyards of block houses. However, one can see it as a good thing as shop owners seldom lock their bins. Tampere is a small city and all of the best "dyykkaus" places are close to the center. At most places you will need to hop over a fence behind the store - be aware that this can be understood as trespassing and therefore such actions would be legally prosecuted, at least in theory. All of the places are within an hours reach to each other.

In winter, meat in Finnish containers is often fully edible. During Christmas time you may find full loafs of ham. Vegetables are thrown into brown bins (without packaging, for composting (?)); bread is often found in these bins as well. If you find bread in these dumpsters you may want to thank the store owner/employees as they have gone through the trouble of separating bread from plastic packaging (in order for bread to be more easily recycled (?)). Meat, candies, doughnuts, etc are found in large metal dumpsters. They are often squeezed tightly so that more junk would fit in. Feel free to hop in.

Places to dumpster dive

City center


  • A neat place to visit is the bakery at Amuri workers museum. One can jump over a fence next to the main entrance on the west side of the house and find freshly backed bread, buns and such nearly every day. A speciality of this bakery is "Rieska"-type bread which looks like pizza without any topping. They are typically made out of potato or rye. Just accoss the street you´ll find a "Valintatalo" with a a green/yellow "V" logo. Behind the house you´ll find lovely brown bins. (Last checked: Aug.2009)
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  • Hallila Sale has open trash bins next to the parking lot. Not much of food, but at least yoghurt has been found. (Last checked: Jan.2011)
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  • Some finds have been made at the Siwa - dry goods, meat, packed produce. There is an often-unlocked trash hut. (Last checked: Aug.2011)
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