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I am not sure how far we can go with all these tips on brute busting and other illegal activities sometimes involved within dumpster diving. I would actually like to rewrite it in such a manner that it becomes less of an advice and more just an overview of what some dumpster divers might do. Style matters! I think Trashwiki doesn't want to get closed by police after promoting breaking laws - sure, dumpster diving in general often involves trespassing and such, but it is still far away from the violent acts of destroying one's property. --Sigurdas 09:52, 16 December 2008 (UTC)

I agree, dumpster diving is one of the only acts we can perform where we don't have to break laws to achieve the outcome we desire. Our actions with the bins and the staff and security directly affect not only our own future dumpstering but the others around us also looking through the bins. We need to, as much as we don't like it, respect the owners of the bin, because if we do so we wont be creating a negative experience for those staff, trapped in this society under beliefs it is alright to throw out food. So if u need to stealthily take apart a bin thats excellent but put it back together. If you are going to damage a bin however, the staff may go to other means to make it more difficult for you, that may be in taking away the bins and storing them behind a fence or inside a roller door, or keeping a staff member outside at all times (i've seen this in New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia). The police may even be alerted to such acts and its just not worth it when we have other means. Shouldnt we leave getting arrested to points where we have no other choice? --Luacheia 9:20, 13 March 2009