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Hello! Just joyned this website, very excited!:)

I live in London, usually i go hunting on my own, but it's been a bit frustrating lately, as most places close late in the vening and i just do not feel secure enough to go on my own any more. My husband does kindly come with me sometimes, but he does not enjoy the whole thing, so i do not get as much pleasure out of it too.

Are there any hunting girls out there? (do not want to make my husband jealous):)

Cantral London, a bit north or a bit south, i am a good walker, not a great climber and anyway would not want to climb over the fence just yet.

Please write to me, i will be happy to hear from anyone. --The Walker 21:30, 19 February 2012 (CET)

Notes from Richard

I could name some places but they are everywhere on every street.
Eat is a good one for sandwiches. Spinata and co is great for pizza, sandwiches and fruit salads, and past and salads. Paul is loaded with sweets and bread.
Patisserie Valerie is loaded with cakes, biscuits and chocolates.
Wasabi usually throws out enough food to feed 40 people at least every night... depending on the size of the store.
Samurai also throws out a lot of sushi.
Pret will give you a free Cappuccino if you ask nicely (and don't have any money)
Eat will give you free sandwiches if you are starving and don't have any money.
Ice land throw out a lot. Usually they have an accessible skip. You might have to climb over a wall or a gate. But you can get everything there :)
The Co Op I know has accessible skips (bins) that you don't need to climb over to get to. You simply walk there and open the bin and help yourself.
There is a place that makes lots of sandwiches and give them away for free from 3pm.
Its called the easton. You just go in and ask and they'll give you as many as you like.
New Covent Garden Market for fruit and veg

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