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Just some addition: In Germany it is not allowed to take trash away because the dumpsters and their contents are property of the markets. But there is no explicit law concerning stealing trash. It is only forbidding because some markets (not all) sell the trash either for for firing - to gain heat and energy from it -, or as feed to animals. Otherwise probably no one would care.
For example I was controlled by police, called by some trucker near the market, while standing in a fenced cage. So my accusation is §243 Abs 1 Sentence 2 Nr 1 (heavy theft with getting into someones building/room). I think they wont have success with that because §243 Abs 2 sais this can only be applied for really expensive things (which those vegetables even were not). But this was only one time I was controlled - out of many runs. So normally nothing will happen to you.

There have been other cases (unfortunately only in german):

  • Containerprozess "gewonnen" (dumpstering lawsuit 'won', german)
  • Gnadenbrot für Diebin - Eine Soli-Fete soll die Anwaltskosten für eine Kölnerin reinbringen, die wegen "Containerns" vor Gericht stand (about money collection for the laqyer of a girl in cologne, who was accused for dumpstering, german)

So don't let yourself be intimidated! --Kardan 15:06, 21 September 2008 (UTC)