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There is a need for a pamphlet (preferably with a link from here) for people to give stores that have locked containers (no point in giving it to the ones that already have opened as far as I know)

So what I need is pamphlet to give to store owners and employees in order to encourage them to be ok with it by letting them know in a friendly way that it is a good thing. Is there such a pamphlet? I have found several that are aimed to encourage people to dumpster dive (which mostly are to extreme to be useful to give to any employee or to focused on the gain for the dumpster diver to be useful as a moral argument.

What I (and I am sure many with me, know about several and I am not very active in any larger community) want is a pamphlet listing only the reasons why a store owner should be happy that their waste is saving people from starving and how they themselves should be proud for helping save people from dying and by having dumpster divers that also separate their plastic (among other things) save the planet, on top of doing what they know is the right think to do. In my country there is also no risk of repercussions to the owner (and and argument why they are only losing an insignificant amount of money by lost revenue from 1% fewer buying consumers should be made, one of several being that they won't have to pay to have the container emptied as often, I am sure you know of several better) --Stenemo 06 October 2012

Let's do it. Also thanks for starting pamphlet :) guaka 13:33, 6 October 2012 (CEST)

Interesting paper from which some more precise information about DD's legal status could be extracted [1] --Perilisk 04:36, 30 January 2010 (UTC)