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TLog is short for TrashLog, which is a record of a particular dumpster dive (It is pronounced "Tee Log"). At a minimum this record should consist of:

  • The date you dumpstered
  • What you were able to rescue
  • Generally how much was vailable (loads, some, little, almost none, none)

Other information which strengthens the Tlog entry is

  • You name and contact info if your wiling
  • most important lesson of that day dumpster diving
  • Watch Outs and Watch Fors

These records are connected to the detailed sites for a particular location (markets, stores). They are most desirable for locations which have regular or repeating trash patterns. Where other people can help use the TLog to predict what they might get. But even TLogs for likely one off dumpster/salvage operations it is often handy to see what other people have experienced.

Some basic TLogs have been listed on the Ten Katestraat.