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Sydney (New South Wales), the largest and most populous city in Australia, offers quite some possibilities for gaining without paying. Sydney's bakeries and market style fruit shops are often good places; supermarkets often lock their bins in Sydney, but are often good when left open.

Dumpster diving


At the back of the Bakers Delight Bakery on Redleaf Avenue, Wahroonga there is an unlocked dumpster usually with lots of Bakers Delight bread products (the white fluffy type). Every time Falcor walked to the hitchspot at the onramp of the Pacific Motorway from Wahroonga train station they go past this dumpster to collect bread snacks for eating while hitchhiking north. (Last Verified: feb-2016)


  • The Aldi supermarket on Katoomba Street has unlocked bins during the day with easy access from the carpark. You can find bread, fruit, vegetables, meat, and other random supermarket stuff. (Last Verified: feb-2016)
  • The Woolies dumpsters are located in the loading bay just off Park St, Katoomba. Access into these bins is unverified, but worth a try, probably at night after closing.
  • The Coles supermarket is also located on Park St. Access to these bins is also unverified, but worth a try, probably at night after closing

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Personal experiences

"I do trash hunting in Sydney and the bins are locked. I am in the middle of the city itself and some of he surrounding suburbs like Newtown, Glebe, Paddington etc. I do go trash hunting as far as Woollahra council and find other types of goods like furniture, white goods, cell phones or as we call them mobile phones, laptops, computer desktops, any other IT stuff, clothing and anything you can think of. It is very good in that there is a lot of stuff every week. I compiled the information on the zones from the Woollahra Council website. This happens every Sunday and is so much fun. Sometimes there is a whole bag of non-perishable food because often in this rich area they have parties and they have leftover food." - unknown user, Feb.2009


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