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Stoslett is bigger town far north in Norway (69.77 deg.) still it Troms, by fjord and E6 from Narvik, Tromso towards Alta, Finmark. Stoslett is already around 1 hod driving before Troms-Finmark border. There is longer tunnel before Storslett. Centrum of Storstett is quite flat, with E6 and elementary school.

There are two supermarkets in center of Stoslett. Rema 1000 has dumpsters by south edge, closer to road. One metal container is locked, however padlock is bad situated and you can open and close the door. Waste is quite mixed, mostly plastic and paper covers. Only little bit old food was found. There is small dumpster next to container, but this dumpster is locked with triangle lock (typical for Norway). Spar shop has dumpsters by entrance, side towards road. There are few small plastic dumpsters, but dumpsters are locked by triangle (typical for Norway, have a triangle key). Another big container was by wall on the other side, but it belongs to construction works. There is Extra store around 800 m by E6 north from Rema 1000, another side of bridge. But Extra was seen later and not checked.

Elementary school Stoslett has trees around, by north wall, and there can be even some space under roof in case of rain. Children don;t go to school during holiday and only few servise workers go inside school during day. There is no dark during most of Summer, days in winter are quite short. Bus stop near elementary school is good place for hitchhiking towards Alta.

Dumpsters were checked in June 2018