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Storvreta is a locality 15 kilometers north of Uppsala, connected by railway where a commuter train stops. It is the 3:rd biggest population cluster in the county Uppsala.


So far is there only one investigated food store.

Coop Konsum The Supermarket is as of today 2016-01 very little frequented. So try it! You dive on the backside, beside the parking lot and a crossroad, so there is cars and people there daytime as well as evening. But it works fine to dumpster day time as well, although I guess that the staff so far does not know of any divers. There are four bins with veggies and bread and two larger bins with garbage and all the rest that the store throws.

How to get there It is a 5 min walk from the Upptåget train stop, so you can dive between two trains which go every thirty minutes, very convenient if you live anywhere near the line.

Map: [1]

Adress: Coop Konsum Storvreta

Ärentunav. 10

--Robin Chilii (talk) 00:31, 18 January 2016 (CET)