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Stirling is a small city in Scotland between Edinburgh and Glasgow, and near to Falkirk. Although it's not a large place by any stretch of the imagination, there are a host of dumpsters worth checking out.

Food Dumpsters

The Co-operative Food located on Causewayhead is brilliant. Don't be spooked by the automatic light in the dumpster area and you can score bread, fruit, cake, soy milk, veggies. Probably the best place in Stirling, and has plenty of boxes in the bin area to stand on to let you climb in. Careful of the nearby pub, the William Wallace, which isn't rough, but nosey and tolerates racists. (There is another Co-op in the nearby Bridge of Allan, but that one locks its bins behind a spiked fence.) (Last checked: July 2011)

Iceland is usually offers a good range of breads, fruit and (non-vegan) snacks. Be careful though as the manager has recently taken to spraying the bin's contents with bleach. It'll ruin your clothes, but most stuff is packaged anyway. No chance of getting the staff on side. Also people have been stopped by the police before, but usually just told to carry on and tidy up. (Last checked: July 2011)

Marks & Spencer is located in the loading bay/car park area of the Thistle Centre. There's a security guard who has chased divers before, but it's labyrinthine enough to allow you to escape. As always, M&S bins have that awful blue dye to stain your clothes, so again be careful. Other bins nearby are WHS Smith and possibly Holland and Barrett. (Last checked: July 2011)

Stirling University has a few dumpsters around, including Sodexo operated ones and the student's union bar/store. (Last checked: July 2011)

Misc Dumpsters

Aside from the food dumpsters, Stirling has an abundance of Charity shops who throw away a good 50% of their donations.

Cancer Research throw out a lot of furniture and kitchenware. Highlights from here also include oft-rare vinyl, lava lamps, cassette tapes, boomboxes, VHS tapes and CDs. A real mix, and if you leave it tidier than you left it (which isn't difficult) the staff don't mind. (Last checked: July 2011)

Shelter lock their bin and keep it on the street. You'll need a gas key to open it (or a spoon and some determination). The Albion, the adjecent pub, might seem rough, but they'll probably be ok with you (also cheap pints if you claim to support the Scottish Socialist Party) diving. Possible to do even in daylight too. Anything left outside the store at night is automatically binned as is company policy, so feel free to take it. (Last checked: July 2011)

Stirling University at the end of term is brilliant for getting televisions, sofas, DVD players - anything that students lazily leave behind when they vacate their halls. (Last checked: July 2011)

Local divers say...

Tidy up after yourself, and only take what you need!

For such a small place, Stirling has a high number of divers, and it's always a good idea to keep the dumpsters in a nice condition for others - and not to take everything in the bin just because you can.