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QUEEN'S RETAIL PARK, South of town. BOOTS throw away dozens of their sandwiches every few days - go in the store to check the best-before dates and turn up that night. Access to bins between the BOOTS building and Pets At Home building, although the bins are within tall gated "cells", these cells are NOT locked. Plenty of wholesome foods every few days - SANDWICHES, PASTA SALADS, BOTTLES OF SMOOTHIES, FRUIT SALADS... (August 2013)

STONE ROAD (A34), North of town - TESCO EXPRESS closes at 11pm, so turn up at midnight. Bins are behind wooden fences, easily climbed over. Loads of bread and pastries every night and random other foods. (August 2013)

CITY CENTRE - GREGGS, follow the lane by GREGGS and you'll find their bins, breads most days, sometimes sandwiches or pasties etc. (August 2013)