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Heading to the city garden for gathering food.

Spain has a general reputation of being a wonderful country for dumpster diving. This is somewhat surprising since, due to hot weather, messy containers and prevalence of small businesses it is not actually much better (likely worse) than many other places in Europe and North America.

For a lot of people living in Spain dumpster diving is a usual part of their daily life, so don't be surprised to meet a lot of dumpster divers when the night falls down in a city before the trash picking service come to collect the garbage.

There are many food markets which will provide you with great food at closing hours. You can also try asking in smaller grocery shops - owners/employees often are happy to give you the remains of the day. This only works though if you have a basic command of Spanish, because the people working there tend to speak virtually no English.

It is difficult to find good food diving in containers of chain supermarkets in Spain. You can try these for skipping your food: Caprabo, Carrefour, Dia, Lidl, Mercadona, Veritas (organic food). In Spain are some filials of the British Iceland (store) Supermarket, it is mostly easy and you find a lot in the bins of these stores.

Spanish people tend to just leave on the street the stuff they don't want anymore. In the case of clothes, they will often leave them clean and neatly folded on top of a trash container.


En Murcia hay muchos sitios donde poder reciclar. Algo positivo que tiene Murcia es que en cada barrio hay un mercado semanal de frutas y verduras a dónde puedes acercarte entre las 14:00-14:30 y preguntarle a los tenderos si puedes coger aquello que van a tirar o si tienen cosas que lo vayan a vender que se puedan utilizar. También puedes mirar dentro de los contenedores de los mercados donde también encontrarás mucha comida, para la gente vegana, ahí sólo hay frutas y verduras. Para saber dónde están los mercados, pincha o copia y pega este enlace$m4850,4948&IDTIPO=11 donde te sale un listado de todos los mercados tanto en los pueblos como en los barrios.

Además también puedes acercarte a los herbolarios y preguntar si tienen cosas que se vayan a tirar y si tenéis suerte os las pueden dar.

No hay mucha cultura del recicle en Murcia, a excepción de en el mercado de la Fama de los jueves, así que intenta ir a otros si pudieras.